Commercial and Industrial Bag Filters

Bag filters remove everything from sediment to other solids to some forms of liquid from the water in both commercial use and industrial applications. With their superior holding capacity, high flow rate, and easy replacement, bag filter systems are among the top choices for water filtration. Just as the name says, a bag filter is a bag of filtration material in a filter housing. Both efficient and reliable bag filtration systems have low maintenance needs.

Bag filter systems operate on a simple principle. A tight seal is created between the bag filter and housing, leaving no room for the filtered-out contaminants or unfiltered water to escape. Filtered water can pass through while everything else is left in the filter bag. Made with unique materials, each bag is constructed for strength and does not allow any pollutants or any other harmful particles to pass. 

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Complete Water Solutions bag filters are offered in many designs, variety of sizes, and media materials to fit all your specific application. Our customer service team members, with years of experience, can help recommend the best filtration option for your business. Depending on the size of your water system, different bags made from other materials may be better suited for the job.

Post time: Nov-15-2023