Application and characteristics of duplex filter

Duplex filter is also called duplex switching filter. It is made of two stainless steel filters in parallel. It has many advantages, such as novel and reasonable structure, good sealing performance, strong circulation capacity, simple operation, etc. it is a multi-purpose filter equipment with wide application range and strong adaptability. In particular, the filter bag side leakage probability is small, which can accurately ensure the filtration accuracy, and can quickly replace the filter bag, and the filtration basically has no material consumption, so that the operation cost is reduced. The duplex filter is made of stainless steel, which is composed of two cylindrical barrels. It is a single-layer stainless steel welded structure. The inner and outer surfaces are polished, and the top is equipped with a vent valve, so that it can be used to vent gas during operation. The pipe joint adopts composite connection. After 0.3MPa hydraulic test, the tee external thread cock switch is flexible. The equipment has compact structure, convenient operation and simple maintenance.

1. Application
The dual filter is mainly used in the processing of traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, fruit juice, sugar juice, milk, beverage and other liquids
Two kinds of solid or colloidal impurities are filtered, and the two filters are used alternately, which can be cleaned without stopping the machine
The network is used continuously.

2. Features
This machine has fast opening, fast closing, fast dismantling, fast cleaning, multi-layer fast filtering, small floor area and good use effect.
This machine can use pump pressure filtration or vacuum suction filtration.
The filter frame of this machine is horizontal type, with less falling off and cracking of filter layer and less residual liquid. Compared with horizontal filter press, the efficiency is increased by 50%.

3. Materials used
The whole set of equipment is made of stainless steel.
Selection of screen: (1) stainless steel screen (2) filter cloth (3) filter paper through the machine to separate the suspension, you can get the required clear liquid or solid materials. It conforms to the law of medicine and food hygiene and meets the GMP standard.

Post time: Jun-08-2021